Subzero Art Collective 2024

Franziska Agrawal, Germany
Lead Designer Founder
Industrial Designer

Daniel Miller-Lionberg, USA
Mechanical Engineer

Gabriela Kulenkampff, USA/Germany
Furniture Designer

Lisa Webster, USA

Bob Fulks, USA

Friederike Schroth, Germany/France

Mark Schram, USA

Edwin Böck, Germany/Sweden

Joshua Brang, USA 


2024 Snowking Winter Festival, Yellowknife, Northern Territories, CAN
2024 Festival du Voyageur, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN
2024 Silverskate Festival, Edmonton, Alberta, CAN
2024 Ely Winterfestival, Superior National Forest, MN, USA
2024 World Championships in Snow Sculpting, Breckenridge, CO, USA
2024 World Snowfestival, Grindelwald, CH


is a non-profit art collective of international artists, designers & architects acting globally - created, selected and joined together by german industrial designer Franziska Agrawal. With a team of up to 4 people Subzero realizes architectural installations carved out of snow and ice in public space attending international snowsculpting symposiums around the globe since 1999 repesenting Germany.

The installations are created out of the most transitory material of nature: water in its solid aggregate state - snow packed by external pressure. Climate change already affects how much snow falls and how long it lasts. As ephemeral nature's situation is; is each piece of artwork.  the Artworks intrinsic ephemerality leaves no trace. Agrawal’s accompanying photographs are recordings of these monumental works in this one moment of perfection - before the natural decay takes its run.

Agrawal's works transcend the borders of design, art and architecture. She holds a industrial design diplom (Dipl.Des/MDES) degree from HfG Pforzheim in Germany + Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, USA and a MBA in international Management.


The work subject is influenced by concepts of concrete Art and minimalism, whereas through the the reduction to the maximum and geometric creation of order 'esthetic essence' is attained - it’s about balance and the transformation of what is. Interested in Large Scale Installation and it’s intervening monumentality within the human body and interdimensionality within a place to create a transformative ground for perspective change.
"The goal of concrete art is to develop objects for spiritual use, much as man designs objects for material use.”  Max Bill 

We live in a sensory world of transitory nature. Things existing in the physical reality are never permanent, and we get to experience them as pairs of opposites like cold and heat, pain and pleasure, soft and harsh, self and other, etc. Perhaps the major obstacle for the human race has been to cling to material objects and transitory situations with the illusion that they will last forever. However, with the passing of time, we come to the realization that none of it was ours to keep. 

"the process is everything..." 

As essencial part of all ot it - we are interested in new experiences and therefore always open to hear from determined creatives who are  interested in participating as part of Team Germany for a great adventure in and with Snow. Please send inquiries with Resume and work samples to 

Sponsored by: 

2023 - 1st Prize, Gold Medal, Intl. Snowsculpting Championships Colorado, USA
2022 - 1st Artist Award, Intl. Snowsculpting Championships Colorado, USA
2022 - 2nd Prize, Silver Medal, Intl. Snowsculpting Championships Colorado, USA
2020 - 1st Prize Nordic Ice sculpture Competition, Enontekiö, FI
2018 - 2nd Prize Kunstwege Vias d'Art Pontresina, CH
2016 - Special Award, Intl. Ice Sculpture Competition Harbin, CN
2015 - 1st Prize Snow Days Chicago, USA
2015 - 2nd Prize, Silver Medal, Snowsculpting Championships Colorado, USA
2014 - 1st Artist Prize, Intl. Snowsculpting Championships Colorado, USA
2014 - 2nd Prize, Silver Medal, Intl. Snowsculpting Championships Colorado, USA
2013 - 3rd Prize Snow Days Chicago, USA
2012 - 1st Jury Prize, Fete d’hiver, Quebec, CAN
2012 - 3rd Prize Kunstwege Vias d'Art Pontresina, CH
2008 - 3rd Prize World Snow Festival, Grindelwald, CH

Daniel Miller Lionberg, Engineer, USA
Gabriela Kulenkampff, Designer - USA
Bob Fulks, USA
Lisa Webster, USA 
Joshua Brang, USA 
Friderike Schroth, Architect, DE
Mark Schram, Engineer - CAN 
Jere Nuppola, Ice Artist, FI
Henrik Spett, Icehotel, SE
Eric Mutel, Artist - FR
Mark Thompson, Architect - UK
Maxime Ducret, Artist - FR
Katja Kulenkampff, Photographer - DE
Pascal Champagne, Designer - CAN
Jodine Leigh, Artist - CAN
Isabel Rengstorf, Artist - DE
Emanuel Strässle, Artist - CH
Urs Martin Traber, Sculptor - CH
Paul Spielhagen, Photographer - DE
Eva Kreck, Designer - DE
Christina Müller, Architect - DE
Elisabeth Thorpe, Architect - USA
Peter Freedman, Designer - USA
Carlos Pereyra, Architect - MX
Maximiliano Caraballo, Artist - MX
Michael Hermann, designer, DE 
Martin Dasek, Artist - CZ​   

FI - Nordic Ice Sculpture Competition, FI 
FI - Nallikari Snowfest, Oulu
CAN - Silverskate festival, Edmonton, AB
CAN - Snowking, Yellowknife, NT
CAN - Snowfestival, Whitehorse,Yukon
USA - Ely Winterfestival 
FR - Snow Festival Auvergne
JP- Intl Japan Cup, Nayoro, Hokkaido
RUS - Intl. Snow Sculpture Festival 
IT - Ice Games, Valle Aurina
CN - Intl. Snow&Ice Competition, Harbin
CN - Intl Snow Competition, Changbai
CAN - Festival du Voyageur, Manitoba
USA - Intl Championships, Breck, CO
IT - Snow Art Pontebba 
IT - Dolomites Snow Festival
CH - Vias d'Art, Pontresina
USA - Snow Days Chicago
LAT - Intl. Ice Sculpture Festival, Jelgava
FIN - Art meets Ice, Helsinki
CAN - Fete d'hiver, Quebec
NOR - Snowsymposium, Hovden
FR - Concours Intl Sur Neige, Valloire
SE - Intl.Championships, Kiruna
DK - Nuuk Snowfestival, Greenland
CAN -Carnaval de Québec City
CAN - Sarnia Snowfest
CAN - London Snowfestival
SE - Sounds of Ice, Hellefors
CH - World Snow Festival, Grindelwald
DE - Snowsymposium, Nebelhorn     

Franziska Agrawal​, International Lead Designer

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