is a non-profit art collective of international artists, designers & architects acting globally - created, selected and joined togehter by german industrial designer Franziska Agrawal. With a team of up to 4 people Subzero realizes architectural installations carved out of snow and ice in public space attending international snowsculpting symposiums around the globe since 1999 repesenting Germany.

Agrawal's works transcend the borders of design, art and architecture. She holds a industrial design diplom (Dipl.Des/MDES) degree from HfG Pforzheim in Germany + Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, USA and a MBA in international Management.


Leave no trace.
Climate change already affects how much snow falls and how long it lasts. As ephemeral nature's situation is; is each piece of artwork.


Agrawal’s accompanying photographs are recordings of these monumental works in this one moment of perfection - before the natural decay takes its run.


It's all about balance.
The designs are attributed to the distinct principle of concrete art. The geometric and graphical creation of order that creates form, surface and volume, supports the balancing act of the structure, which can only exist when its fragile material is in entire equilibrium.


Agrawal's Design entspringt dem Konzept minimalistischer Architektur, die alles zu Ihrer essentiellen Qualität herunterbricht um Einfachheit zu erlangen. Ihre Arbeiten lehnen an die Gestaltungsgrundlagen des Bauhaus und Max Bill's an. So führt die  Gestaltung der Skulptur auf das klare Prinzip der konkreten Kunst und der Geometrie zurück. Dabei sind die Bedingungen um "Essenz" zu erlangen, Licht, Form, Detail am Material, Örtlichkeit, Raum und der Mensch darin. Die Skulptur ist weder Figur noch Gestalt noch Gegenstand, sondern reines, Form gewordenes Prinzip - ein klares und erfahrbares Element in öffentlichen Raum. 


The installations are created out of the most transitory material of nature: water in its solid aggregate state - snow packed by external pressure.


Franziska Agrawal

Lead Designer - DE/Intl.

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